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You had the corporate career and you left to create a lifestyle, get some balance ...Amazing!
But now you might be feeling like you're out of the flames and into the fire in your own business. Going back to corporate is the last thing you want...but some days you wonder if it might be easier...
Need to know if it's all worth it?

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Wednesday September 19
Clik Collective 
6:15 to 9pm
It took you 5+ years to get up the corporate ladder...and this lifestyle business, well it’s not the dream you were sold! Do you ever feel like you have just bought yourself an overwhelming, time-consuming hobby...that you have given up all the luxuries of life to create?

Do You Feel:
  •  Tired of working  9 till 9 and thats a good day ! 
  •  Like you gave up a great income, only to go backwards financially (and give up all the perks)?
  •  Frustrated that your business is not where you KNOW it could be (and are out of ideas on how to get it there!) 
  •  Awkwardness or uncertainty on how to put yourself out there (really out there) and go all in on this business?
  •  You are often out of your depth on the 'other bits' of running a business (marketing, sales, packaging up your offering, growing your team)
  •  You've reached a roadblock you just don't know how to get past, and feel stuck
  •  You have to control every detail, and struggle to delegate (or build a team to delegate to!)
  •  That you have no idea how to get new leads beyond your existing network
  •  Uncomfortable selling to new prospects
  •  Generally unsuccessful, and despite trying so many strategies none feel like they are working well 
  •  Worried about what your friends, partner or family think of you and your level of success. 

Then YOU need to join us at...

The Corporate Escapee 'Block' Buster Event  
Get inspired by our three guest speakers, all corporate escapees just like you, who will share their journey of discovery and success during an interview style discussion. Get your burning questions answered, workshop ways to overcome your biggest block by asking the experts, and learn their key pivotal 'blocks' that they broke through in order to make their businesses successful!


Meet like-minded corporate escapees after, build your community and enjoy complimentary finger food and a refreshment (of the alcoholic variety!)
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Just by responding to our confirmation email upon registration, with your single biggest business 'block' right now, and by turning up on the night, you will get the opportunity to pitch this to our experienced panel for discussion. The most difficult block will be selected as the winner of a 2hr strategy session with The Brains Trust FREE! 

No gimmicks, No Sales, Just Results and Solutions that work for YOUR business!
Barbara Turley
Founder & CEO at The Virtual Hub | Speaker | Podcast Host 
Barbara Turley is Founder & CEO of The Virtual Hub - one of the fastest growing producers of digital marketing virtual assistants for businesses who need to free up time & eradicate overwhelm by leveraging highly cost-effective offshore teams.  

After a corporate career spanning 15 years in the investment banking industry, she started her 'corporate escape' from within by jumping on a management buyout business opportunity. This led her on a journey into entrepreneurship, angel investing and to develop a keen interest in scalable business models, content marketing, and all things digital. 

Kirrily Graham
Executive Director at Christina Noble Children's Foundation Australia
After juggling a part-time role as Australian Manager with CNCF Australia and working in her own business for 6 years, Kirrily took the leap into committing to working full-time for CNCF last year to drive the future growth of the organisation within Australia and expanding into New Zealand

Her experience in business, performance coaching, Learning & Development has been invaluable in establishing the plans and best-practice organisational processes as the foundation for the future growth of CNCF here in Australia and New Zealand and bringing together the best of both worlds to create a synergy between an amazing grass roots organisation and SME’s who want to be social change makers, to make a greater difference in the world.
Harry Kempler
General Manager at Kensington Collective

Harry Kempler is the Founder and Director of CLIK Collective. Harry is passionate about small business and co-working environments. He believes that innovation and collaboration are fundamental to support small businesses to flourish in a new-age and transitioning economy.

Get ready to be inspired and connect with other corporate escapees just like you ! 

In 3 hours you will inspired by others, and get to question them on the path ahead for you, now that you too are a corporate escapee. Get connected to others who feel the same way you do, and had the same motivations as you! 

**But remember, you only get what you give...Show up ready to question, share, be vulnerable and real about your situation. And in return expect the REAL story behind getting a business to work, and the down-low on what to expect for the stage of busness you are at. (SPOILER ALERT: This will be fun! YOU are allowed to have fun!)
Interview style. 3 brilliant speakers all corporate escapees with amazing stories. 
Clik Collective Ground Floor
15 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189
Ample free parking on site 
Smart Casual Dress code. 
Finger food and beverages provided
After 18 years as a corporate exec with Coca-Cola, Paul was burnt out at work, his health was suffering from the stress, and he wanted to spend more time with his family. When he finally said, "Enough is enough," starting his own business and being his own boss seemed like the logical next step. 

Paul’s time at Coke had him in a business consulting role where he essentially ran small startups within the ecosystem of the larger Coca-Cola business, so his passion and wealth of knowledge for coaching entrepreneurs had already been planted.

Setting out on his own, Paul was met with many of the challenges that self-funded startups face—issues with cash flow, using up savings, sourcing reliable suppliers, and resisting the urge to return to the guaranteed salary of a corporate job. He found that the entrepreneur life was not actually getting him any closer to his goals of having less stress and more freedom. 

Paul was determined to make it work and not return to the corporate grind, which led him to seek out as much knowledge as possible. He joined a mastermind group, began listening to podcasts daily, and reading business-focused blogs. Nothing ever quite matched his values or his situation as a corporate escapee turned independent entrepreneur. However, the knowledge and resources he gathered inspired him to create a replicable system that created rapid growth in his businesses.


I was lonely and struggling to do it myself before I joined met Paul. BLG gave me the right suppliers at the right stages of growth. The freedom of working from home whilst doing what I love is something I will be always be grateful for.

Scott Gellatly
Founder at Scale My Empire

Paul Higgins is unique among the plethora of business coaches because he brings three things that you never find together. Raw data and results from marketing experiments that Paul tests in the process of growing his own business; tips on discipline and self-control for avoiding shiny balls, because he has had to fight those temptations too; and process excellence and execution thanks to decades in corporate. He's a small business owner with a big business mindset. I get a barrage of invitations to webinars of all kinds. Paul's monthly training is the only one I can't afford to miss.

Sholto Macpherson
Cloud Accounting Digital Expert 

Paul has given me the opportunity to be surrounded by smart, ambitious, motivated and technologically savvy people. Extremely intelligent, well thought out people with more experience that are honestly smarter than me, with the same ex corporate background.

Nick Baldo
Entrepreneur and Founder of NY Home Solutions and Income Digs
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